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Thursday, December 29, 2011

NUFFNANG nih sayang jugak kat aku.. ^^

hi Nuffy crew.
thanks for all the love, support, ads, money given yaa~~
although this blog is only talk crap, only for personal use, u always give the support.
even 0.05 cent makes me seriously happy.
actually last week, my earning is rm4.32.
but then today, it become rm4.58..!best!
even though i  know people outside there can get a much much ringgit but naahh~ biar la..

keep giving an ads. =)
keep support us the 'picisan' blogger. =D

and watch out yaa..
after graduated and have free time, i will join all your activity/event..hahahaha. least one event la.. ^^

so, thanks again. HAPPY becoming NEW YEAR~

(picisan blogger from Perak)

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Machfuz caesar said...

nice blog you have....

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