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Monday, July 26, 2010

:: DBSK t-shirt contest, u ollls ::

this is a simple,sweet and lovable contest.
a nice shirt will be given to the winner.
so, join it without hesitation~ =D

the gigitjari owner says :
Actually i just want to give it to the luckiest 2 person...hehe btw the t shirt is design by me. Just a simple one ^^
all u have to do is

1. must have blogspot DONE

2. follow me DONE

3. tell me y do u like dbsk/tvxq/tohoshinki DONE

4. publish this entries at ur own blog DONE

6. link the picture to this entries "DBSK T SHIRT CONTEST" at my blog DONE

7. pray that i pick u as the winner hehe DONE AND STILL DOING IT
8. comment at this entries that u already follow me & make an entries bout DBSK T SHIRT CONTEST at ur own blog DONE

9. the color of t shirt will be white or black that depend on the t shirt that i found..i means i look at the quality, if black good i pick black but if white good i pick white ^^ BOTH ARE JUST A NICE COLOUR



  • start become 1 of DBSK fan in 19 months ago and still a fan ever.
  • they are the 1st korean group that attract me.
  • all their song is not juz a crap song but they got the sentimental value. the feelings can touch our heart, mind and soul.
  • DBSK are good looking group that will make us cant blink in a minutes.haha.
  • DBSK inspired people.
  • DBSK make us fall in love.
  • DBSK make us feel hurt together.
  • DBSK make us love and adore their dance's step.
  • DBSK raise our confident with their lyrics.
  • DBSK let us remember all their cute and gentle moments everyday,every second.
  • DBSK make us a lot of new friend.
  • DBSK also make CASSIE around the world gathered in one name,CASSIOPIEA.
  • that is why, Dong Bang Shin Ki is the most lovely group ever.
  • they are 5. 5-3=0..same goes to 5-2=0. hope to see them in 5 again..
  • Always Keep The Faith.. =)

although there's many new and famous group are now released, DBSK;yunho,yoochun,changmin,junsu and jaejoong; is still number 1!! =D

to miss gigitjari, tq for the contest and hope to get 1 of those shirt~


tak susahkan sesape said...

mnta la dua tshrt tu..
leh bg ak satu..
gud luck!

syaza said...

nk jugk

gigitjari said...

read it ^^
kpada membe2 yg nk join..meh la join sme2 hehe

a t t said...

tuan: kalo bertuah, juz dpt 1 je la..heh.

a t t said...

syaza: nak ek, baca la syarat2..pastuh join..heh

a t t said...

miss gigitjari: tq for reading~ hope to have the prizes..haha

tak susahkan sesape said...

nk join cenggane ak xtau pun apekah,dimanakah,mengapakah DBSK tu~

a t t said...

tuan..haha..sengal la..DBSK nih kumpulan korea..sgt menarek mereka2 ini~~~~

najihah sahami said...

haha..pasni wat la suju ngn beast lak.....

a t t said...

itu anda kena suggest kat penaja,cik gigitjari nih..thii~

tak susahkan sesape said...

att : haha~rumateku hri2 duk cte sal ku xmek port..
najihah sahami : kite knl kan?along?

a t t said...

tuan: yeke??hahah..bgus la dia suke dbsk..konfem banyak cite dorg kan??heh.
anda kenaal najihah sahimi nih ke??